Twitter wants you to send emails Tweet Non-Twitter-Using Friends

Twitter only gives users a new way to share their favorite tweets.

Rolling in the next few weeks, optional feature that allows users to share a tweet via email, even if the recipient is not a member of Twitter.

“[W] e’re introduced the ability to Tweet directly from email – scrolling feature everyone in the coming weeks. Tweet You can email to anyone, whether they use Twitter or not, straight from your Twitter stream or from any Tweet details view. Just click on the “More” next to the answer, the favorite for the Tweet tweet and email to someone you know. You can add your own comments, and send us an email with comments and Tweets. Similarly, “Twitter said.

What is good for the user, in this case, is also good for Twitter. What better way to recruit more users than the existing user to reach you? Now, if a non-Twitter users can see funny tweet email them and think “Hey, I really need to look at Twitter.” Twitter, for one, never shy about promoting their services via email.

Email sharing not only the recent announcement from Twitter. The company launched a new version of their iOS and Android apps that increase when the tab discover and search functions.