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May, 2010 | Tech News - Part 2

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About Battle With The Latest Google Publishers Is Wants To Pay Link

A week ago, we wrote about Google’s deal with publishers fighting, particularly in France and Brazil. In France, lawmakers poposed law requiring search engines like Google to pay for content publishers license so they can link to Google search results Google News threatened to stop linking the publisher. In Brazil, most newspaper publishers just pulled out of Google News.

A new report from the quartz say that Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt to travel to Paris next week “to discuss the issue.” Publication of the conversation with his French Fleur technology Pellerin:

“We want to emerge as the anti-Google,” said Pellerin me in Boston today. “Obviously Google is a wonderful tool and Google are the main actors of the digital ecosystem.”

“What I recommend and what I would suggest it to Google and the statement is to start negotiations, to begin discussions for three months maybe, and try to find a negotiated settlement,” said Pellerin. “And if they do not, well we’ll see.”

Meanwhile, in Brazil, the publisher pulled out of Google News seems getting by just fine without it. Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, which originally reported the problem, now reports only publisher web traffic has seen declining by 5%. Isabella and Natalia Fraga Mazotte report:

“The (newspaper) himself believed that the loss of 5 percent is the price worth paying to defend the rights of our authors and our brand,” said Ricardo Pedreira, executive director telephone interview ANJ the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas.

“The truth is, Google News is not associated in Brazil,” said Carlos Müller, ANJ communications advisor. “If you go to Google News and search now (in Brazil) President Dilma, you will notice that there are no sites of major newspapers in the country there.”

“It is important to point out,” he added, “the news portal of the few companies still (Google News).”

Worthless. Ouch.

It will be interesting to see how it affects other publishers in the world, and if so, how much that really hurt Google, there will always be a source of thousands more, and the whole blogosphere at its disposal, not to mention YouTube and Google+.