Recover Lost Yahoo Video Multiple Audiences in April to May

comScore has released an online video ranking sites in the United States for the month of May 2012 and appears to better news for Yahoo. According to comScore reported last week that Yahoo eventually slow the search precipitous loss of market share in May, the video site rankings this month shows that Yahoo seems to get back in May, some viewers were lost in April . Viewers total unique company is still not restored to 60 million viewers in March, but at least Yahoo seems heading in that direction.

Google sites, including YouTube is very popular, has lost about 6 million viewers in May, which may or may not have anything to do with Yahoo climbing back to number in March. Then again, one of the reasons that Yahoo made some significant catches in May May be something to do with the fact that it offers more than 100 million video more in May than it did in April .

In another change from April, Microsoft bumped a place on Facebook, Viacom bumped a place on AOL, News Distribution Network met with both Amazon and Hulu.

The top five online video ad properties unchanged from April to May and five second shift about very little. Hulu remains the top video property by adding about 69 million ads in May, amounting to nearly 55 million minutes of commercial. Hulu also delivered the highest frequency of video ads to viewers with an average of 56. In other words, Hulu actually try to give your television experience with a lot of advertising.

Also of note, comScore says that video ads consideration for 21.6% of all videos viewed and 1.9% of all minutes spent viewing video online. The longer the average online video about 6:30 pm, the video ads on average takes about 12 seconds. The number of video ads to be posted can create a new record, exceeding 10 billion for the first time.

Continue to dominate VEVO ranked among YouTube Channel Partner. While it has added nearly 27 million new video in May, actually it has lost more than 600,000 unique viewers. Except for the last two places in the top ten YouTube channel, ranking remains the same for May.

Although there is some variation in the ranking of May, the month of April comScore notes that the U.S. audience for online video remains the same at 84.5%.