Vice Presidential Debate Saw 3.5 Million Tweet

Presidential Debate last week’s record-breaking first Twitter. With more than 10 million tweets a whole come from beginning to end, it became the most tweeted about events in U.S. politics. To live is the Vice President of the kind of debate chatter of social media?

Not any more. But it draws a crowd is amazing.

Twitter confirmed that the VP debate last night to collect a total of 3.5 million tweets from beginning to end. When time is not a factor, 4 million tweets are sent on Joe Biden and Paul Ryan competition.

According to Twitter, 26% of the policy concerns tweet country, 21% is about the economy, and 16% specifically dealt with the subject of taxes. Twitter also highlighted the peak moments in the debate Biden “Now you are ready to Jack Kennedy? ‘” Tweet every minute. “Suggestive won the night with a surge of 58,275 TPM. Paul Ryan’s statement that “they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar for Medicare in the piggy bank for Obamacare” was second, with 55,540 TPM.

Twitter also recognizes the keywords true tonight. Not surprisingly, it is “nonsense.”