Woman tased After Trying to Buy iPhone Too Much

If you do your Christmas shopping in Nashua, hew Hampshire this year, you should know that they may not be the Apple Store sells more than two iPhone, no matter how hard you plead. In fact, they’re probably just going to call the police and eventually begins tased.

At least that’s what happened to Li Xiaojie. When escorted the Apple Store in the second largest city in the state, police used violence to subdue after they claim he resisted arrest.

According to WCVB, these events all centered around the Li desire to buy iPhone some for his family back in China. When we said “some” we mean a lot. Li reportedly carrying $ 16,000 in cash at the time of his arrest.

It all started when Li bought two iPhones last Friday, which happened to a maximum of stores. He seems to be confronted with a video store manager that he had taken which should show another customer is allowed to buy more than two iPhones. He was asked to leave the store.

A few days later, Li returned to the iPhone over he will order online. When he refused to leave the store, the authorities were notified.

Li and his daughter to blame all the language barrier, as Li only spoke Chinese and said he did not understand any Apple Store or employee of the police are talking about. He was charged with two misdemeanors as a result of the incident.

limit the iPhone? Tasings? The possibility of excessive force by local police manual? This is shaping up to be a banner holiday season, people.