Word of Mouth Marketing Seminar

One of the highlights of the summit a few months ago Aloha in Hawaii has Andy Sernovitz electronic beam and join us for an hour of discussion and insight. Andy should be a familiar name, he is the author of Word of Mouth Marketing.

This afternoon he just emailed me to let me know that she was hosting a small group of word mouth marketing seminar in Chicago on July 30 and September 4, which is a cool opportunity for you to spend a day learning from an expert. This is a small class too: max 50 people.

He describes it thusly:

Master the five steps of word of mouth marketing

Develop an action plan that your company can begin using next day

Get the same training received by large companies (Microsoft, TiVo, eBay) – for a fraction of what they pay for

Know how to translate the word of mouth marketing in the real ROI

Participate in an active, strong day practical standpoint (not boring theory)

Learning from Andy Sernovitz, who actually wrote a book about word of mouth marketing

Andy promises that participants will learn the framework, recurrent proven marketing is easy to do, affordable, and provide measurable results within 60 days.

If I am based in Chicago, I would definitely attend, but since I do not, you might want to be interested in going, is not it? You can learn more events.gaspedal.com.

Oh! Andy extensions for $ 250 discount for readers of my weblog, which is a great added perk. Just use the discount code when you sign up weloveintuitive.