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Zero-Day Internet Explorer exploitation hit | Tech News

Zero-Day Internet Explorer exploitation hit

It is a cliche these days to make fun of Internet Explorer and many security problems. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into the latest iteration of their internet browser, and IE10 is by all accounts a really safe. Unfortunately, the version of the browser that is not so lucky.

Researchers discovered zero day AlientVault exploitation affects Internet Explorer 7 and 8, and easily run on Windows XP. It is encouraging that people are using Windows XP, Vista or 7 to stop using Internet Explorer now. Many Windows users are safe in their bunkers Chrome or Firefox, but there are still some people out there who do not know better.

Researchers at Rapid 7 take it a step further and prove that the exploitation can be done in IE 7.8 and 9. That means Windows XP, Vista and 7 woods. They showed that when a zero day exploitation affects over 41 percent of Internet users in the United States and 32 percent worldwide. Exploitation has the potential to destroy many lives. Unfortunately, we do not really know what he was doing before.

We do, however, know that this exploitation is most likely derived from the same team that created the Java advantage of the zero day from a few weeks ago. If it is like that, using today hoping to turn your PC into a bot. In essence, they want to occupy your PC and use it to advance their own evil deeds.

So, what can you do to protect yourself from zero-day exploits potentially harmful? First of all, stop using Internet Explorer. Difficult to advise on what you know, but it’s for the best. Microsoft told Ars Technica that they are working on a solution, but it may take days for official repair. Switch to Firefox, Chrome or Opera for now, and we will notify you when it is safe to switch back. At that time, you may find yourself liking a more alternative browser.