Twitter Request Please stop Using Internet Explorer 8

Do you have a PC running Windows XP? Are you using Internet Explorer 8 on PC tell? If so, Twitter has some words of advice – move or disappear.

Home Support tweeted today that they are looking at the problem which the Tweet does not post on Internet Explorer 8. Advised they showed that current users affected by the problem switch to another browser.

Support @ support

We investigate the problem in not posting the Tweet in IE8. In the meantime, you may want to switch to another browser:

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For some users, switching to another browser easier said than done. As The Next Web points, Internet Explorer 8 is the latest version of Microsoft’s browser is available for people who are still using Windows XP. Browser also gave birth to some of the best Microsoft ads:

Unfortunately for some, the Internet Explorer everyone else know. Internet is not a sin, breathing creatures that we all know and like for its users. For them, it’s something you have to work with no input on their part. Seldom do they realize that their refusal to change what causes these predicaments in the first place.

That’s why Twitter advises users to check Happy browsing because it contains links to all the latest browser from all major vendors. Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera are offered in addition to its own Microsoft Internet Explorer. Site links to the latest versions of each browser so users know they are getting the most secure version yet.

Users of Windows XP is affected by the time of the outage must check one of the other browsers available to them. Internet Explorer 9 will not be available, but the latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Opera are all available for users of Windows XP. All three browsers are supporting Twitter and all you can ever hope to do on the Web.

Of course, the problem does not actually go until we can remove Windows XP from all the major markets. Many people refuse to upgrade to Windows Vista and not yet upgraded to Windows 7. The rift in the Windows user can only lead to more problems such as Microsoft drops support for Windows XP at all.

Users of Windows XP will be the advice of Twitter as not only a call to change the browser, but eventually will upgrade the operating system. You can not re-buy a new PC. Deployment of tablet and other mobile devices to ensure the compatibility of hardware manufacturers several years before creating the next big thing that makes each device before it passes.