Yandex Now Part of the NASDAQ Internet Index, launching Real-Time Ads Offering Model

Russian search giant Yandex has been added to the NASDAQ Internet Index (Nasdaq: QNET), effective today.

The NASDAQ Internet Index is the online software companies, Internet service providers, search engines,

web hosting, web design, and e-commerce. At the time of this writing, the index was at 238.18 3.03 (1.29%).

“As the largest Russian internet businesses, we are pleased to Yandex now included in the NASDAQ Internet Index includes some of the most innovative and powerful Internet companies in the world. In addition to Yandex index is the recognition of the growth of our company and leadership, combined with the strength of our technology and the quality of our employees, “said CEO Arkady Volozh.

Now, Yandex also announced the launch of a new advertising model with real-time bidding for public testing.

“Real-Time Offers business model gives us a whole new, adding the same return on investment for advertisers and advertising revenue for the website,” said Nikolay Danilov, who led the project. “Advertisers now have the opportunity to target their display ads exclusively to the particular audience, while paying what they want. Owners of the website, on the other hand, can benefit from an auction-based sales greatly improve their chances to increase revenue from advertising, “

The company describes the model as an advertising system to fight for the right to transmit their advertisers, as opposed to direct advertisers bidding for impressions.

Last month, scored Yandex deals with Twitter, and launched a new social features.

When the user visits the page, the system offers the opportunity to purchase advertising system impression to users around to see. Systems, the company said, automatically selects the best ad for a particular offering, and make an offer. System selection of the best bidder, and users are seeing ads that won the auction.

The model is implemented in the Yandex Advertising Network site, to deliver search and display ads.