Block Neo-Nazis in Germany Accounts Twitter, Marking First Usage Local Policies sensor

Currently, there is a tweet circulating that everyone in the world can access the rest of the country – and Twitter in the making.

The transfer of local sensors, Twitter seems to have blocked users from accessing a tweet Germany account said to belong to a neo-Nazi group.

According to the New York Times, Twitter account @ Block hannoverticker, which is included in group Besseres Hannover. In English, that translates to German authorities “Better Hannover.” Asked to block the Twitter account altogether, but Twitter seems to act as a self-proclaimed ability to censor content without affecting the local content in the world.

Should Twitter (and other sites such as Facebook and Google) to act as the police for their content? What, if anything should be censored? Sensor sensor slippery slope again? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Back in 2004, a German court ban appeal strengthens websites spreading neo-Nazi information.

This marks the first time that Twitter has used this controversial measure. This is what Twitter General Counsel Alex MacGillivray is to say in a tweet:

We announced the ability to hold the content back in January we use today for the first time again: a group that is considered illegal in Germany.

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Twitter itself has provided the ability to censor local content on their site back in January. This is what they say about the new rules:

Until now, the only way we can explain the limit ‘country in the world to remove content. Starting today, we give ourselves the ability to withstand reactive content from users in a specific country – while available in the world. We have also developed a way to communicate transparently to users when content is withheld, and why.

We have not yet used this ability, but if and when we are asked to hold your Tweet in a specific country, we try to let the user know, and we will clearly mark when the content is rejected.

It is seen as a change, if not a reversal clearly Twitter belief upheld freedom of expression. Previously, Twitter has stated that “Our position on freedom of expression with a mandate to protect our users’ to speak freely and preserve their ability to contest having their private information revealed.”

Responding to criticism of the policy, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says that users do not have to worry about it.

“This will only allow companies to transparently handle legitimate government request to remove some content,” he said. He also added that “there is no change in our stance or attitude or policy-related content on Twitter.”

Users from other parts of the world can still view your account and tweets. Although the blocking of accounts in Germany is better than just deleting the account, I’m sure a lot of Twitter users and activists see this as a loss for freedom of speech.

It is important to note that this is only the first time that Twitter has used their new powers given to local sensors. Twitter has banned content on a global scale before, on the orders of the government. Back in February, took the parody Twitter account of French President Nicolas Sarkozy after receiving requests from people closely associated with the camp. They defended the censorship by claiming that the account violated Twitter policies and fake parody account – the primary account does not contain sufficient identifying spurious signal status.

Of course, we mentioned that there are dozens out there that parody accounts up and running for years – many of them fail to provide as much information apart from real people.

Also, it was on the heels of news that Twitter is under fire in France via hashtag anti-Semitic. In this case, the anti-racism group said that they can pursue legal action against the company’s social media. Twitter has seen its share hastag related quandaries, such a massive reaction to a particular tag, # reasonstobeatyourgirlfriend. In this case (and many others) Twitter will work hands-off policy.

And it’s not just Twitter that deal with requests for censorship of certain countries. In August, Indian officials asked Facebook to remove content from sites that claim that they sparked mass panic and exodus of tens of thousands of people from the cities in the northeastern part of the country. Apparently, it was a rumor of some form of violence in the area that sent people fleeing. In this case, Facebook provides a response time that “we simply remove certain content that violates our terms.”

But Facebook is not always the route. Back in March 2011, the Minister of diplomacy, Israel asked Facebook to immediately close the page called the Third Palestinian Intifada. Facebook finally remove the pages, as Forrester has actually violated their terms (that incite violence). More recently, the Australian asks Facebook to remove the page targeted Aboriginal people in this country. Facebook also meet that demand.

Google, of course, get hundreds of removing demand from the government every year. One example of the most recent and highly-publicized are from Brazil, when the company refused to do what a Brazilian judge considered “damaging” YouTube video of local political candidates. After a fight between the head of Google’s Brazilian Fabio Coelho and the law, I finally gave up taking a “break” video. But on the other hand, Google has refused to take a “Muslim child” famous video that sparked violent protests in many parts of the Middle East.

Point, sensor web of confusing and not always easy to exactly the same way by the company.

Privacy policy is different from most other asset as it allows them to block some content locally, but around the world. Do you think the local sensor is a better alternative for simple removal of content across? Being a private company, Twitter has the right to do so. But should they?

Or the limits of freedom of speech are not acceptable, even when it comes to hate speech that the country is considered illegal? Let us know in the comments.