Windows 7: 2009 Release, Multi-Touch Capabilities

A whole lot of people (including your humble author) to hang onto your old car computer, hoping they last until Windows 7 is released. At the conference yesterday, launching the end of 2009 is confirmed, and exciting multi-touch display capabilities.

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer on stage at the D: All Things Digital conference, so the date of 2009 is expected to remain stable. This is in line with numerous hints and tidbits dropped before.

Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7

The multi-touch interface, Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of program management for the Windows Experience, confirmed that it was built around the Windows 7 operating system, and not a gimmick more limited.

Microsoft team did not leave him on this issue – “[p] lease note, you will see the application for demonstration purposes only,” wrote Chris Flores on the Windows Vista Team Blog – but The demonstration video shows off some (interesting and Apple-like) the idea.

Although Vista customers can begin to feel cheated because of all the news, the other is likely to encourage consumer. Just remember not to be so caught up in Windows 7 as you explore your current computer run on the ground.