Wizards No Longer Welcome In Ebay

You can buy just about anything on eBay. If you want it, someone else would have. There are some things, however, you can not sell. Auction sites have stopped selling things like organ after the liver and kidneys were found selling on the site. Site now crack into a new category of goods – tangible.

So what is intangible in the eyes of eBay? It has to do with the magic really. Here is a complete list of categories update directly from the eBay page:

The following items were also added to the list of prohibited items: advice, spells, curses, hexing, magic, magic, prayer, thanks, magic potions, healing sessions, work from home business information, lists of Wholesalers and drop store.

I do not think that the people who sell magic spells lots of trouble until I went digging. Turns out there is a growing collection of magic for sale on eBay. It covers everything from white magic to protect against something really funny though certainly no listing for “Black Arabian Magic Spell Split Up.” “Powerful Spell Vampire innovation.”

Here are a few spells that caught my eye because I could not stop laughing. “. Black Magic Spells of Mage Ultimate Experience list “because I could not really do justice to the item description, so here it is:

Greetings and welcome looking for Black fire!

Make no mistake! If you are reading this then the fate actually brought me!

I used practioner Black Art. I was accustomed to various forms of Extreme Black Magic, Virtue, Forbidden Cult and ritual. This is because the training and dedication of my art that I had to create and cast spells for every occasion!

Do not fall victim to the “dazzling” auction pages that require you to purchase additional spells for 3, 5, or 9X power for more than your hard earned money! The Power of Black Magic really do not need shit like that! Your donation goes towards the time, my energy, and materials to create your own personal Casting.

Funnily enough, the only spell you $ 6.66. This demon who wants to know if you ever buy Mantra Mantra of “manifest themselves immediately.”, Have to wait 60 to 90 days for the spell to take effect. He also is to inform you, in accordance with law, Mantra “entertainment purposes only” as science has not proven his “Metaphysics and the Paranormal service.”

Is pretty obvious why eBay ban the sale of these items. Despite how much you want it to, magic is not real. Kind of magic sold here are not the real double because there is no guarantee it and they do not refund the purchase for a spell that does not work. This is a great obligation on eBay because it is one foot the bill to refund.

It should be noted that this list will be announced on August 30. You still have several more days to buy some spells to help with everything from your love life curse your greatest enemy. After that, I just guess we have to go back to living life without magic. Pity.