Webmaster Changing Structure Internal Linking A Page, Google Recovers From Penguin Update

Other webmasters claim that Google recovered from Penguin updates.

In a post WebmasterWorld forum (by Barry Scwhartz), neildt members said they saw a page that they thought were hit by Penguin, will respond to the ranking for the keyword phrase targeting . “Now it’s just a coincidence that it is restored, or cause changes that we have made throughout our site for this page is based on why we were hit by Penguin,” wrote neildt.

“Basically, from 24 April when we seem to be affected by Google Penguin update, I took a page of really random influences are changing the internal linking structure that points to a page” neildt wrote. “Before April 24th page rank on page 1 of Google for ‘name’ and ‘hotel name city’ as an example of a phrase that we target. After this time, the rankings for the phrase out on page 30 of Google SERPs. ‘

“As of yesterday (Sunday, June 24) when I checked how phrases are making progress and there are some changes in Google SERPs,” continued neildt. “To my surprise we rank on page 1 for ‘city name’ and page 3 for ‘name’.

At this point, it is not clear whether or not Google has launched the refreshed data to update the Penguins over the weekend. We reached the company, and will update when we learn more.

Schwartz, linked to a forum thread where it was discussed in the recovery Penguin, said he heard rumors of another Google update, which may have occurred on Thursday night.

As far as penguins go, obviously it is possible to recover. You may or may not need to start with a newly designed website, but make sure that you are in total compliance with Google’s quality guidelines. For more details about the recent recovery of others, read here.

Webmaster story was recovered, had a Penguin refresh the data.