Woman Falls Off While Texting Pier, Warns Others

We all know that text messaging while driving is a dangerous combination, though, as you can see while stopped at a light, many drivers are involved in their phones. Now, SMS while walking can be hazardous to your health as well. To prove it, Benton Harbor, Michigan resident Bonnie Miller accidentally fell from the harbor while responding to a text, and although he was embarrassed about the incident (can you blame him?), Miller wanted to warn others about SMS on the way, regardless of the mode (walking, driving, biking, etc..).

According to ABC 57, Miller felt that he would send a text message, do not know that when he’s texting, heading closer to the edge of the pier. Even the fence to prevent users from running straight to the bathroom, tripped over something while Miller SMS and immediately fell into the water. Miller reasons for this situation are given below.

“I will make an appointment for the wrong time and so I sent about three words. Next thing I know the water. ‘

His family (Greg Quinn, husband and children) came to the rescue and jump into Lake Michigan channel to help save him. Michigan officials then called to the scene after receiving a 911 call stating that there were three people in line. Quinn first came to her aid as she heard a voice cry, “Oh, God!” When he fell into the water. Rebecca Van Zant (an observer at the time) came to the Salvage is also jumping into the water to help rescue him.

To see the full story, please see the video below is from South Bend, Indiana 57 ABC TV stations.