British yokels In Social Networks, Online Shopping

Discover CEO of online retailer and social networking start acting friendly towards the simplest form of the UK: the new Hitwise data shows that people living in rural areas tend to be out of town people to participate in the Second category.

Hitwise Data Online Shopping (Photo Credit: Hitwise)

For four weeks, Robin Goad look at how many of the Internet users in specific geographic zones go on some sites. He reported, “London is the most likely to visit an online store, as the most over-indexed category in Wales and the South West.”

Goad then continued, “A similar picture also emerged when it comes to social networking …. London was again the most under-represented regions, while Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland in all represented. ‘

The statistics contradict what most people might think, the urban population had setting technology trends. And if anyone really wants to argue, there is a possibility that the stereotypes hold true outside the UK, and even in some of the things in it. However, people seem to be living outside the major cities have become very comfortable with social networking and shopping sites.

In the ongoing fight for users, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and should consider advertising as possible.