Think Before You Borrow: iPhone Using 85% In The Can, 4% While In The Sack

Next time your friend asks to borrow your iPhone, or decide to mess around with the settings when he came into the room, remember this: iPhone is probably dirty.

No, seriously – we are talking about all kinds of liquids.

Electronic commerce on-site Gazelle surveyed iPhone users to mark the fifth anniversary, coming in a few weeks. And some of the results they certainly make you think twice touched the devices that are not yours.

That’s because 85% of iPhone users reported using their devices to the bathroom. That’s even higher than other recent surveys from January pegged the number at 77%. It seems that everyone is actually using their throne when his term, making a call, sending a text, browsing Facebook and checking email.

Even more shocking, 4% of respondents reported using their iPhone during sex. The survey did not get specific – so our best guess of what they are doing with their devices during that time. -Snap photos using Instagram, SMS dating, ordered a sandwich – you know, really? Point is, between the bathroom and bedroom antics, iPhone friends you tend to see it all.

Despite the small percentage of people who actually use their iPhone while engaged in recreational activities sleeping, a larger proportion of those surveyed are more concerned about their sex device itself. An amazing 15% of the respondents said they provide sex rather than go to a single weekend without their iPhone. Talk about brand loyalty.

While the bathroom and sexual matters the fun part of the survey, some of the more interesting results discussed how consumers become attached to their iPhone and what they want from the future model:

For consumers who want an iPhone with a larger screen. Nearly 40% of respondents reported a larger screen feature they would most like to see added to the next version of the iPhone. Apple has remained non-committed about the next version will feature a bigger screen, but if the decision is left in the hands of the consumer, we all need a little extra space in our pocket and purse.

Thanks to the iPhone, the consumer is to reduce the number of devices they have. Nearly 70% of survey respondents reported waving your iPod or mp3 player since purchasing the iPhone. Fifty-five percent were throwing their cameras, and over 40% have a GPS unit to get rid of them from buying an iPhone.

Three years ago, I’ll bet you that the number of people who identify dirt-calling is less than today. Now, somewhere around 80% in most surveys. I really expect this trend to continue as the ring of sex – because I am sure that more than 4 100 excited in sacks.