This Artist Oil paintings grease IPhone uses facial

For smartphone users, touchscreen kept clean and free of fingerprints, debris, grease, and smears mysterious origin is one of the most difficult fight. As a glasses-wearer with the iPhone, I always felt like I was seeing everything on my screen with a double-matte films. It’s kind of gross, when you really think about it.

Dirty or not, all that clutter that accumulates on your touchscreen is the basis for some of the most unusual art I’ve seen in some time.

New York-based artist JK Keller as major oil painter iPhone. No, he did not paint a picture of an iPhone with oil-based paint. He did not swim the iPhone to use it as paint and brushes. In her case, “oil” as he used the media to its roots.

Self-described “self-obsesser” using a palette of oily face, and he mixed his pigments with a brush around the iphone. As you can imagine this makes a nice sheen of fat, made from the pores themselves, on the screen. The next step in creating one of the oil paintings iPhone to use his fingers to spread the grease pattern will eventually face look cool when the light hits them.

“This is a game of expectations of what the phrase [oil painting] How in the traditional sense … You’re a little dirty, but also think it looks cool to watch the reflection of light shifts anisotropic as you move around the phone, “he says Mashable.

“Well, if you introduce a special anti-grease the glass I’m screwed,” Keller said in a tweet. Lucky for him, not one of the new features announced for the show last week iPhone 5.