Yelp sued Over "Best Of" Recommendations City

If you’re using Yelp, you’re probably familiar with those features “Best of” that appears at the top of the town. For example, the visiting Denver Yelp page gives users the best snapshot complete with restaurants, nightlife, shopping, and other various categories of services.

“Best of” box is now the subject of a new lawsuit. Village Voice Media Company, a once-weekly alternative newspaper publisher of The Village Voice and other papers as well as Denver, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Seattle, and many lawsuits filed against Yelp. -They claim Yelp willingly violated their trademark on “Best of” signs and “take advantage of the kindness and reputation of Village Voice Media is important.”

Village Voice Media seeking damages and a permanent injunction against Yelp, forbid them to use the “Best of” phrase on their site.

VVMH have more than a dozen applications for various “best of” s, like “Best of Denver,” “Houston’s Best”, “Best of Phoenix” and ” : Best of San Francisco. “Overall, they mention 18 different trademark covering 10 different cities. Registration is from back in 1997, until 2012.

According to Paid Content, this is not the first time Village Voice Media Company after the entity to use last year’s “Best.” They took a Time Out New York magazine for the publication of their “Best of NYC” ; issue. Press VVMH with a countersuit, stating that the phrase “Best of” generic.