Virginia Schools To Teach Internet Safety

In an effort to prepare children and youth for potential foreign dangers on the Internet, Virginia was the first state to make Internet safety classes for all grade levels.

It is difficult that the first and thought all couples 49 eyes (assuming a set of eyes in each country, of course) to Virginia to see how teachers implement the program, the message is used, and the method is evaluated program.

According to the Virginia-based, the state attorney general warned a group of high school students by showing what the emerging social networking profile of a young woman of 15 years, but is actually A 31-year affair boy series currently serving a prison sentence of 45 years.

Half a century in prison can be good in Virginia, but down the branches of the river is considered castration as an option for dealing with people like that. It is fun to see who complains.

If not, it seems pretty clear that other states will follow Virginia educational goals, if not their exact penalty protocol. One day, internet safety classes such as ed normal driving and drug counseling, complete with a police state (and the attorney general today) tells the story of the most horrific they can draw from their pampiga lemon.

(In my day, after watching the video where the roll Pinocchio became disturbed by sniffing glue, the state police tell us destined for delinquency in the 10-year-old with stories nostrils and PCP-fueled rusty bare-knuckle prison-cell removing bricks. then had a kid getting his head broken …. This kind of makes you long for the days when the elders may try to scare Tale is not the truth.)