Zynga: 40-Year-Old New Moms Are Hardcore players

Manny Anekal, Zynga’s Director of Brand Advertising at SXSW talk a little now about storytelling through advertising, but stressed how great social game.

1 in 5 Americans played many games Zynga, he said, noting that the company is changing the landscape of the game, and increases the overall landscape of gaming experience. In other words, people do not always play as many games in the past, playing them now, thanks to titles like FarmVille and CityVille. Zynga CityVille, he said, has nearly one hundred million users.

Last year, Anekal says the average user played 68 minutes per day. It is based on a browser, but even cut the number in half, he said it was a “great,” even compared to broadcast television.

“More women are playing Farmville than watching Soap Opera,” he said.

40-year-old mother spents amount of time playing the game, and also costs the maximum amount of money, said Anekal.

“She is the new hardcore gamer,” he said.

55% of all social players in U.S. women, and 53% of Zynga players are women between 25 and 44.