Do A Google Panda Update Data Refresh nine days ago

Remember about a week and a half ago when there should refresh Panda is the next week or more? It turns out that it was the next day, so if you’re still waiting for it, you can get without damage.

Search Engine Land reported that Google will confirm the refresh occurred on November 21, and affects 0.8% of the English question “to a degree that a regular user can see”.

The second known data refreshing Panda update in November, one after around November 5.

We’re now at the end of November, heading into December, which means that there are now two full months that Google has not released a list of “highlights the quality of search” and change the algorithm. Lately, they made two months at a time, so we can probably expect the updated list soon. Then, we can look at other types of changes Google is focused on.