Companies launching Automattic

Automattic announced today the launch of the Company It costs $ 500 per site per month.

According to the company, you can measure your traffic with your content goes viral, and can be overcome. WordPress Network ‘does not appear in the 100s of millions of page views per day.

Offers with all of the features built-in VIP, including more than 70 plugins, including integrating with Flipboard, Chartbeat, Facebook, etc..

“To top it off, you also get our new Javascript customization service that allows you the flexibility to customize your site without having to touch the underlying PHP code. You can tweak and personalize to your heart’s content, “said Raanan Bar-Cohen Automattic that.

Automattic has worked with The Chef Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour, ESPN Digital and Print Products, Soleil Moon Frye and Press Crosby from JackThreads for the beta.