Chelsea Handler told Matt Lauer To Lay Off

Chelsea Handler is known for its tart humor, and do not appreciate much about that he could hurt her joke, so when he was warned to watch what he says about a person, so maybe it will just make I want him to talk about it more.

Although he had no comment on the rumor, spread the word that he and his writers warned by Comcast executive withdrawn from Lauer / Ann Curry Matt joke because they do not want the extra attention drawn to the situation. Comcast has both NBC and E!.

Although the E! be denied that such requests are dropped from bosses, sources say it’s true and centers throughout Curry controversial way to the left “Today”, when rumors swirled that it was because Matt Lauer like him to go.

“The author Chelsea threatened to dismiss Matt,” the source told NY Post, “They do not want them to make more fun of Matt and Ann Curry situation.”

The order came after suspected Handler made jokes based on the recent identification of Al Roker that she has soiled himself while visiting the White House.

“This is not the first time the news about the sensitive subject of the cast members out of NOW,” says Handler. “Over the years, it is no secret that Matt Lauer spent the morning s *** ting all over Ann Curry.”

Curry said that NBC begged producers to let him out of his contract stating that he could appear on other news outlets over the past two years (after his termination). Words, he was offered a high-profile gig on CNN.