Congratulations to the people, we, Aore winning the Battle Against Spam

You ever noticed that you, Äôve received an email less about cheap, offshore financial opportunities and penis enlargement pills? No, the spammer haven, AOT just decided to leave you alone. What, Aore see a reduction in spam email in general, all over the world.

Kaspersky Lab is a new chart detailing something that we should all be happy to see: we, Aore winning the war against spam. Better technology, better filters, more precise and population helps to eliminate spam from the inbox messages around the world.

In 2008, spam accounted for over 90% of all email traffic, all over the world. Think about it for just a second. That, AOS much spam. Since then, spam rejection (with some exceptions). Part spam actually declined since mid-2011, though.

Their latest report from the end of 2012 show that spam now accounts for 67% of all global email traffic. Two-thirds may still seem like a lot, but it represents a significant reduction from what it was just four years ago.

Of course, email ISN, AOT just a spammer life. The emergence of the social web has created a new breed of all ground for spammers. A recent study showed that up to 40% of all social media accounts around the world created by spam in mind.