Cop Left Kids In Hot Car To Die, the Prosecutors Say

A police officer accused of killing 20-year-old girl in the summer of 2011 has been accused of leaving their children to die in a hot car.

Richmond Phillips, who works for the DC police, began to court today with prosecutors accusing him fired accidentally left Wynetta Wright and Jaylin 1-year his carseat with the doors closed and windows combined due to misunderstanding to pay support the child. Despite the evidence against him was circumstantial, the prosecution found that he knew what he was doing, especially after all the stories in the news in recent years about the dangers of leaving children in the car during hot weather.

Stories of children left in hot cars tend to hit the national news today after the tragic death of a baby so much, here in Kentucky, the death of a baby’s hand caregiver sloppy form “Bryan Law”, if which carries a harsher sentence for adults who leave children unattended in the car.