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Details and photos Standalone release Dayz | Tech News

Details and photos Standalone release Dayz

Dayz designer Dean “Rocket” Hall was quoted last year as saying the standalone version of the popular zombie survival mod for ARMA II before the end of 2012. It was obviously not panned out, and now the rockets take Dayz development tumblr blog to show exactly why the game has not been released, showing off some of the texture on the screen, and teasing the players in what they can expect in the future. From the post:

Simply put, Standalone dayz are not here because we have the chance to mod the game away from making a little better, just packaged and sold – the actual engine rebuilding and making the game the way we all once dreamed of becoming. It blew our initial plan dictated pieces.

Rocket went on to say that the trial closed for about 500 to 1,000 people are released “soon.” After architecture debugged the developers will have a better idea when the title is released.

The change of the mod, fans will be very happy to know that the inventory system gets a complete overhaul, saying the rocket She stated “fundamentally change Dayz experience.” That was inspired by Minecraft developer “UI is simple and effective, rather than flashy and complex” ; In addition, items can now be broken down:

You scavenge for items at this time, as part of the individual, calling part of the pile, looking for cans on a shelf or under the bed. The new system opens the door for the durability of the item, tracking diseases (cholera players have their own long underwear …), the battery, the addon, and more. If you shoot the player in the head to take her eyes at night, you will ruin night vision. Changes in inventory system is very large.

Advances in art assets will come and look at the pictures that accompany this article. Advances in Chernarus map revision, however, has been slowed by the fact that the principal designer of the map is currently in prison on charges of espionage Greece.

Despite all the delays, it is a given that fans would rather have a full game rather than rushing. The explosion of customer service Warz show, honesty, and quality all the more important to developers than push the game immediately.