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Check Out Fire Emblem: Awakening TV Spot

JRPGs are not exactly as popular as it used to in the United States. The genre hit its peak in the days of the PlayStation may like Final Fantasy VII through IX and other games made by Squaresoft. Since then, the genre has been in decline due to a reduction in marketing put behind every title that earned him. Surprisingly, Nintendo bucking that trend.

In what may be a first for the series in the United States, Nintendo will advertise the latest Fire Emblem – waking – on television starting this week. Play is the first entry in a long series of strategy RPGs time to hit the 3DS, and Nintendo games may be a lot of fans’ most expected this year.

View television marketing muscle Nintendo below:

As far as advertising goes, by far one of the best Nintendo recently made. Company shakes a child, and actively appealing to gamers to see franchises like The Elder Scroll and RPG Mass Effect to repair them.

It will be effective? Hard to say, but Fire Emblem is singing pretty solid since it first appeared in the United States on the Game Boy Advance. It has a very loyal fanbase took the title one day. You can also attract some new players who have no interest in the strategy RPG genre.

Fire Emblem: Awakening will be available on February 4 for the Nintendo 3DS. Shop for $ 39.99.