Sun Developer release from prison Greece

Czech media reported that Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar released on bail and allowed to return to their homes in the Czech Republic. A video game developer jailed in Greece since September 2012 on charges of espionage. Both are on holiday in Greece and was arrested for allegedly photographing military installations on the Greek island Lemnos.

Developers have to pay 5,000 euros each for bail. The report states that the family of Martin Buchta and willing to pay cash. It does not end the case in court, however. Judge Greeks strike, and the Greek justice system in shambles, so the case is not officially complete.

Developers employed by Bohemia Interactive, the developer of the series Arma Buchta and Pezlar. Arma 2 has become one of the best-selling PC game in 2012 when it released a mod for a game called dayz. Z Day huge sandbox maps where players must survive during a zombie outbreak from taking food and supplies and to avoid, kill, or cooperate with other players.

A standalone version of Sun Z is currently being developed by Bohemia, but was delayed. One reason for the delay Buchta principal designer of the map used in the Sun Z. His release may mean developing independently to accelerate.