5 Free Ways to Increase Mobile App Installs

Discoverability on today’s mobile marketing landscape is painful issue among mobile app developers or publishers because competition is very harsh between apps on each app category in all markets. App developers allocate enormous budgets to promotions of their apps to gain installs through ad campaigns which also make their app more visible on App Stores. For this reason, many app developers who has perfect apps but limited budget, lag behind the competition on app rankings. For those who has perfect mobile app or idea with a shoestring budget, don’t fret! No matter how impossible it may sound, there are 5 free and efficient ways to increase your mobile app installs.

  1. Apply Pre-Launch App Marketing Strategy

Applying app marketing strategies before you submit your app into app stores, will gain you a great competitive advantage in app markets because you can spread the word about your app and let users to get to know you and your product before you launch your app. By doing this you will create your online community who will be the first users of your app. The more effort you make in pre-launch, the more people will gather around your app with impatiently waiting it to download.

  1. Gather Feedback by Organizing Small Events

If your app is already launched and you cannot create a community around your app yet, you can start with organizing small events and contests to attract people to use your app and give feedback. You can offer small prizes, incentives or premium upgrades to users to convince them to get reviews from them. In this way, you can improve your app by their feedbacks as well as acquiring loyal users for your app.

  1. Engage in Online Communities

Social media communities are cut out for reaching larger audiences to promote your app for free. You can share quality content about your App on Facebook’s relevant community pages or twit about your app with certain hashtags to reach right audience. Also on Reddit or other industrial forums you can reach people who have a certain problem which your app can solve.

  1. Reach out Social Media Influencers

Using Social Media Influencers is a trending way of promoting mobile apps in today’s social media environment. Some experienced people have a much bigger impact on others in specific topics. You can reach millions of users by the help of social media influencers but first you need to find out how to find suitable one and convince them to promote your app. You need to offer best features and unique sides of your app to convince them to post about your app.

  1. Allow In-App Referrals

Among all these free solutions above, allowing referrals in your app to create Word Of Mouth about your app is easiest and very effective way to promote your app without any money. Provide an option in your app to allow users to invite their friends, relatives or closed ones. Even incentivize them with prizes or discounts. With right timing and targeting this will significantly increase your download numbers.