How to Generate More Pinterest Followers

Pinterest is becoming a gold mine for marketers who claim that the social site is one of their highest sources of website traffic. If you’d like to take advantage of this visually stimulating social platform, the following tips will help you generate more Pinterest followers, likes and repins.

Develop an Appealing Pinterest Profile
An appealing Pinterest profile is the first and most important thing you should do to develop your brand on Pinterest. A well thought out Pinterest profile will organically grow your website/blog traffic, gain followers and repins. Some things to include on your Pinterest profile are relevant keywords, using clear branding information and creating boards that target your audience ‘s interests (not yours).

Pinterest Website Optimization
Along with growing Pinterest followers, you should also optimize your website for the social platform, directing traffic to your site, a win-win marketing tactic. Pinterest offers several ways to do this. First, you’ll need to have your site verified. Then you’ll need to activate “rich pins”, set up your social sharing icons, install Pinterest widgets (and use them), add a Pinterest description to your photos and create hidden Pinterest images on your blog posts. This will require a bit of a learning curve, but Pinterest makes the process fairly easy.

Create High Quality, “Pinable” Content
Pinterest, like most social sites, considers the quality of the pins. If you post quality, popular content on a regular basis, Pinterest will show it to more users, increasing repins, your website traffic and sales.

Pin Other People’s Content
On Pinterest, most of your Pins, about 80%, should be other pinner’s content. Social media is all about providing useful information and not just your own. Become a useful resource for your target audience using yours and other people’s content and you’ll grow your Pinterest followers.

Join Group Boards
Group boards are basically the same as other Pinterest boards, with the exception that you can invite other users to contribute as collaborators. In the setting’s section of your boards, you’ll be able to add collaborators who will help boost exposure, increase your Pinterest followers and repins. If you join group boards the pins will appear on your own profile, so you should join boards that are add value to your audience. When you start a group board, you’ll also have the authority to remove contributors and remove pins that don’t meet the purpose or guidelines of the board.

Follow Other Pinners that Are in Your Niche Market
Like most social media platforms, a good way to grow your following on Pinterest is to follow other people in your niche. Avoid “spamming hundreds of accounts, using the bad advice of some marketers – the follow and unfollow strategy. These types of techniques come across as “spammy”. A better way to go is to type your keywords into the Pinterest search bar, filtering your results to display other pinners. Next, follow pinners that you’re interested in or whose pins are related to your topic. If you’ve taken the time to create an appealing Pinterest profile, you’ll notice that a lot of pinners will follow you back.

Regularly Pin
While the recommended amount of posts per day for most social media platforms is 1 to 3 posts a day, most successful Pinterest marketers pin 10 to 20 times a day. Like any social platform, scheduling is also important, saving you time and helping ensure that you post on a consistent basis.

Implementing the strategies listed here will help you grow your Pinterest followers at an impressive, repeatable rate.