What are the best practices when building a mobile website?

Most businesses realise that their website must be optimised for mobile devices, but what are the best ways of achieving this? Are there any common mistakes to avoid?

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Interface Optimisations

The mobile browsing experience can be spoiled if a site puts too many obstacles between a user and the goal they are trying to achieve, whether that is browsing to a particular page or completing an e-commerce transaction.

Because of this, the flow of the interface and the way the site is constructed should be a priority. For example, make sure that the primary action is presented clearly and unambiguously, while secondary actions are kept tucked away; they should be accessible but not obtrusive.

Furthermore, you should be able to smooth out any bumps by breaking down complicated actions, taking them piece by piece rather than stuffing the screen full of information and interactive elements all at once.

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Tear-Down Boundaries

Mobile site bounce rates can skyrocket if you insist on users logging in or creating an account before they can access the features that are on offer. This is just one of the barriers that you should remove if you want to court the 71 per cent of British adults who own a smartphone.


It is precisely because mobile devices have such limited display areas that minimalistic designs are the most appealing and impactful. You must avoid the temptation to over-saturate each page with information. Instead, embrace white space as a useful tool, giving content room to breathe.

This will also help improve the intuitiveness and effectiveness of the interface as a whole. With fewer elements on the screen, it will be easier for users with touchscreen devices to interact accurately with the page.

That is not to say that you should avoid every possible add-on or element. In fact, the inclusion of a search bar where relevant can help make your mobile site easier to navigate and overcome some of the other limitations of portable devices, especially if you add in compatibility with voice-to-text. There are no hard and fast rules, but proper optimisation requires testing and experimentation to succeed.