What Does 2018 Have in Store for SEO?

Although the fundamental practices of SEO will remain consistent as we move into 2018, affording appropriate consideration to several key nuances will put your business in the best possible position to secure top-ranking positions and place you one step ahead of your closest competition.

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Featured Snippets

Search results have been experiencing a bit of a revolution, with search queries now featuring a summarised direct answer at the top of their results page. Google states that they consistently strive to detect the most valuable snippet, so aiming to secure this position should be considered a huge opportunity.

Mobile First

We’ve all been keenly watching the rise of mobile browsing, and as the release of Google’s mobile-first index appears imminent, the promise of one of the biggest changes in recent history now feels palpably close.

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Voice Search

The proliferation of mobile searches has resulted in an immense increase in the numbers of voice searches that are conducted every single day. As the fastest-growing search method, creating content specifically designed to answer the type of questions your audience are using voice search to ask should begin to form a more comprehensive part of your digital strategy throughout the coming 12 months.

Quality Content

Content has been king for a long time, and its power certainly won’t be diminishing any time soon. Google is consistently using innovative technologies to boost its capabilities, and it is becoming much more adept at identifying genuinely valuable content and high-quality websites.

User Intent

It is no longer enough to understand the search terms your audience are using; you must also be able to accurately identify the intent behind them to ensure your content meets their needs. To rank well for key search terms, your first step should be to analyse the content currently occupying those positions. From there, you will begin to build a comprehensive picture of how your content should be structured.


Keeping a keen focus on quality over quantity is crucial, with fewer high-quality links easily outweighing many links from poor-quality sources.