Succeed Rule : Use a WHEN together with COUNTIF Options with Succeed To obtain Completely unique Usernames

Now we should examine ways to get completely unique usernames with Succeed, quite possibly for those who have replicates inside your info.

May possibly implemented the following strategy to obtain usernames to get a data source, since from time to time there are actually a few people along with the exact same identity and this also terrific strategy with Succeed might assists people overcome this challenge.

Listed here are listing of usernames that’s just lately current using innovative people. Now you can see with comes with a entryways we now have a family along with the identity Recognise Browne. That can create an issue along with the identifying events inside my data source.

That identifying events are generally, the main a few words in the surname along with the primary a few words in the primary identity. Inside my case set with info my own surnames are generally stashed away with mobile or portable commencing D3 together with my own primary artists from mobile or portable C3. The outcome of that produced usernames get started with mobile or portable E3.


May possibly yet, in my own info some individuals along with the identity Recognise Browne which often yields that login name BrownMark. Really genital herpes virus treatments require ideal for Succeed in regards all over some sort of copy connection the idea comes with an additional dynamics to your identity to produce the idea completely unique within our data source.

Which means that, we should get hold of smart and find Succeed to undertake that labor. We should explain to the idea to consider some sort of copy connection, together with increase the quantity 1 to your minute connection, two to your lastly connection or anything else.

We could use a COUNTIF strategy with the WHEN strategy. The idea seems like the following.

=IF(COUNTIF(E$3: E3, E3)>1, E3&COUNTIF($E$3: E3, E3)-1, E3)

That strategy tries replicates inside info selection when the idea sees some sort of copy, in that case the idea comes with 1 to your login name. When there are actually a few usernames the identical in that case two is usually increased or anything else.

When people fail that strategy.

=IF(COUNTIF(E$3: E3, E3)>1, E3&COUNTIF($E$3: E3, E3)-1, E3)

That countif proclamation matters the amount of circumstances that ingredients with E3 shows up inside info selection. That When proclamation wraps the following along with the issue assessment when the outcome of that COUNTIF is usually higher than 1… along with the issue well said…

=IF(COUNTIF(E$3: E3, E3)>1, E3&COUNTIF($E$3: E3, E3)-1, E3)


… than the ingredients with E3 is usually and also the amount of circumstances that identity shows up, without 1 once we require when that identity appears to be just become the identity again with out a phone number increased.

=IF(COUNTIF(E$3: E3, E3)>1, E3&COUNTIF($E$3: E3, E3)-1, E3)

when the health of that WHEN proclamation is usually FAKE… than the Succeed might profit the worth with E3. If you happen to in that case pull that strategy off you may fill full info arranged.

We should examination the following with the addition of an additional Recognise Browne in the info arranged and listen to end result

That a few people with that identity Recognise Browne now take over their own usernames for the data source.