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Today The Last Day To Get Flash For Android

We all knew this day would come. It is difficult to accept, but Adobe told us all to move on. Android 4.1 users do not have a choice, but the 4.0 and below can still download Flash Player for Android. Luxury gone tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 15th is a day of promise. Remove Adobe Flash Player for Android from Android Market store. After that, no one will be able to access the player. If you already downloaded to your device, you’re ready to upgrade to a Jelly Bean. Adobe Flash Player such holidays. It will only support and Ice Cream Sandwich below.

Instead, Adobe is pushing HTML5 to others. They think that this is the future of mobile and investing heavily in their platforms with Adobe AIR. Verdict is still whether or not Adobe to convince people to adopt AIR on mobile phones as they have to convince users to adopt desktop Flash.

If you find yourself without the Flash plug-in is available on Android Market for now. It is deployed at some point tomorrow so grab them while you still can. Sure, you can get Flash for Android even if it came from Google Play. Some intrepid programmers found a way to install Flash on Android even after Adobe acquired the plug.

While Adobe has provided Flash for mobile devices, plug-in still has its fans. Exceed 4.1 Flash fate remains are determined, but fans usually find a way. I would not be surprised if a group of dedicated Flash developers continue to live in the Android operating system.