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Wii U Pre-Order Up To $ 1k on eBay

Whether because of its popularity or because of manufacturing delays (probably a combination of both) pre-orders for the Wii U sold the day and now it is almost impossible to find. Almost, but not impossible.

Anyone still need to find the Wii U for the holidays can find one, but it cost them. Intrepid entrepreneurs are now trying to hock their pre-order through eBay and charge a ridiculous amount to do it. Seller charges as more than $ 1,000 for the 32 GB version of the deluxe black Wii U. Original price for the deluxe version of the Wii U, with a larger hard drive, videogames NintendoLand and charge cradle for gamepad, is $ 350.

Of course, do not seem to switch to a system that sells for $ 1,000. The highest price at this time to pre-order the Wii U is actively being bid on at the moment seems to be $ 500, as seen above. Ars Technica suggests that pre-order will not sell the Wii U again on September 27 for $ 749, the highest so far.

This value is easy to creep higher, though, as Christmas approach and the parents are getting desperate to please their young players. So, maybe they are $ 1,000 selling price gouging really know what they are doing, and believe that if they hold their ground until November 18 release Wii U they find themselves in an extra $ 1K for their foresight in future.