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YouTube and Facebook among University Professors preferred

The majority (90%) of college faculty use social media in the workplace, compared to 47 percent of employees in other industries, according to a new report from the Babson Survey Research Group and Pearson.

The survey of nearly 2,000 teachers found that 80 percent use social media in the classroom for some aspects of them. Among them, nearly two-thirds use social media within their class session, and 30 percent post content for students to view outside of class.

Faculty users’ large and believers in social media – nearly 80 percent use at least one online social media site to support their professional careers. More than three-quarters of visiting social media sites over the past month for personal use, half of them in the post content, “said Jeff Seaman, Ph.D., co-director of the Babson Survey Research Group.

More than 40 percent of teachers say they need students to read or view social media as part of their duties, and 20 percent assign students to comment or post on social media sites. Nearly half of the video using the teachers and other sites in their teaching, with another video using only one-third.

YouTube, Facebook and blogs are the most commonly used forms of social media including lecturers. Use Facebook every day at 11 percent exceeds all other sites. The majority of faculty report visiting more than one social media site for personal use, and nearly 30 percent visit three or more sites. The most-visited site for personal use Facebook and YouTube.

In addition, our faculty concerns about privacy, integrity and the delivery time required student teachers is important or very important barrier to the use of social media. However, the majority believe there is value in social media for teaching, YouTube, other online video and podcasts seen as the most important for the use of the class, followed by blogs.

“This survey provides valuable insight into how teachers are embracing social media in all aspects of their lives, including the classroom, and underscores the importance of investing in these tools to enhance students’ studies,” said Don Kilburn, CEO of Pearson Learning Solutions.

Launching of YouTube Copyright School For offenders

YouTube has introduced a new campaign that aims to educate users about copyright infringement.

If the company has received a notice of copyright to upload video users, they are required to attend “YouTube Copyright School,” which includes watching a copyright tutorial and passing a short test to prove they understand the content.

YouTube has also introduced new rules on how to handle the user how to violate copyright rules. Privacy previous YouTube to suspend users who received three valid copyright notice.

YouTube blog explains. “Consider, for example, the old YouTube user who received two copyright notifications four years ago but who’s uploaded thousands of legitimate videos since then without any copyright information . Until now, four years will stay forever user notices despite a solid track record of good behavior, risk creating a new notification – can also be a fake notification – will lead to account suspension . We do not think it’s fair. ‘

“So, now we will begin removing copyright strikes from user accounts in certain limited circumstances, depending on the successful completion of YouTube Copyright School, as well as solid record shows good behavior from time to time. “

YouTube adds that the removal of the strike is not guaranteed and may terminate your account at any time for violation of the Terms of Service.

In addition, YouTube has also launched a redesigned copyright center aims to help better educate users about policy.

YouTube Takes You To School Classroom 2.0

In an effort to ensure that your child does not use chalk and blackboard eraser make the problem more or, actually, for anything, YouTube has kicked off a new service available to special schools.

YouTube for Schools lets schools access free educational videos while limiting any other access to other content that might be considered less education (so no more Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat video for your children while you are in school). To focus attention on the video content, YouTube for Schools service will do away with the related videos to see you mess with the right toolbar and prohibited any comments from showing, the audience is really just to see the video by the integration of forward thinking provider of educational content video as TED and PBS. school is to prepare the material is available only in their school network. Taught to look for videos on YouTube EDU entire collection of educational videos, which are categorized by level of education and subjects. See below YouTube video together to highlight some of their purpose in their new operations:

New YouTube-integrated educational services is a great tool for any program distance learning school may struggled to deliver in the past. Students will be able to watch videos on science experiments, help with math homework, study and practice of foreign languages, and follow international events both past and present.

More information can be found on YouTube for Schools FAQ or post a question in the Google Product Forums.

YouTomb called YouTube Scraps

YouTomb is a research project by MIT “that tracks videos taken from [Google-owned] YouTube for alleged copyright infringement,” the site explains.

YouTube Rolls Out New Features

YouTube has introduced a number of new features including search suggestions, import Google contacts, a better notification system for video comments and demographic statistics YouTube Insight.

“Display query suggestions To join, simply click the ‘advanced’ link next to the search button, then select ‘when I typed” To use the search suggestions YouTube Blog nation, from the search settings. As you type your search terms into a menu appears with the proposed results to choose from to help you more quickly find the video you’re looking for. ‘

Users can import their contacts to Google on YouTube by clicking on “Import” in the “My Contacts”, then log into your Google account.

YouTube has also increased by sending a notice to comment on your YouTube videos Inbox. From the YouTube blog, “Comments made on your video is separated from the comments left in response to your comments on other people’s videos. The actual text of the comments is also now displayed and you can approve or reject comments on-line. ‘

YouTube has added demographic information with YouTube Insight. TheOfficial Google Blog explained, “A new tab shows the amount of demographic information broken down by age group (such as ages 18-24), gender, or a combination of both, to help you gain a better understanding of the composition of your YouTube audience. We display general information about your viewers in anonymous and aggregate form, based on date of birth and gender information. ‘